Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fun, fun, fun

While my roommates went to Osaka and the Manila respectively, I got laryngitis. I know, I know, I have the good life. And while I have been looking every bit as peaked as I felt pretty much all week, I actually went into teach on Saturday. I learned something through my work experience. When teaching a language, it helps if you can talk. *gasp* And when teaching small, affluent, gender-biased children, regularly verbally abused in their schooling system, it helps even more if you can yell (and use fascist principles), but we can save how I am ruining children and creating culture-bound conformers producing productive contributors to Asian society another day. *

I'm sick is the point of this discussion.

And my Mac has been consistently overheating, so when I stop being sick, I am going to see if the authorized Mac store is indeed an authorized Mac store. (Ok, that wasn't the point at all, but it is a reason this post is ending)

* Do not read this book and then teach in Asia. It will hold you accountable for all your wrong doings.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sign from god?

Ann Coulter has had her jaw wired shut. I shouldn't laugh, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Work and play

I do to much of it. So, the obvious remedy: Vacation! Not a big one. A little one. A three day one. I'm on it right now, so ta-da! Blog.

The vacation is in my town because my planning skills are lacking. This week I went to my favorite Taiwanese Irish Coffee Shop (Pub with good food). I ran into a ridiculously loud, drunk German woman and her equally drunk although not so loud Finnish boyfriend. It was one of those nights where I feel extremely blessed to speak English, so I can have barely understandable conversations about politics with people from all over the world.

Phil is in the Philippines visiting family and doing a visa run, so I have a couple days to myself.

Day .25: Loud, drunken political discussions and slobbery kisses from large German woman and Finnish husband. (done)
Day 1: Eat pizza and coffee for breakfast. Finally make it down to the apartment movie theater and find out they are showing a little mermaid movie in Chinese. Sign up to workout with the staffed personal trainer at the apartment gym instead. His personal training will turn out to be showing me how to turn the treadmill on. The treadmill was in English. (done) Write a blog. Read Phil's novel draft.
Day 2: Get my ARC card fixed. Change my bike tire. Go as far as my legs will willingly take me. Start studying Chinese officially again.
Day 3: Go on a hike in Yangmingshan. Go for a soak in the hot springs there.

I am so very desperately trying not to worry about what happens after the vacation. The catch up. The silliness that has me stressed out and sleep deprived on a regular basis. In time, I will find a balance between work and life again. In time.

I have pictures, although not many because I lost my camera on a bike ride a couple weeks ago. I will try to get those up on day 2, but it is not on my official agenda, so who knows.