Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've been slacking on the whole taking of pictures end of things. This is the street I live on. Not many people in Taipei (pronounced Taibei*) have yards, so the rooftop is where they usually barbeque and other backyard type activities. Some of the rooftop spaces are covered in foliage and look like little, private jungles. It's really beautiful.

As always, there is much more Taiwanese goodness (and culture differences that I could live without ie//They don't flush their toilet paper, which while gross, sounds much worse than it is) that needs to be conveyed.

In good time. In good time.

*I found out it was pronounced Taibei yesterday. Turns out 7 yr-olds are geniuses and their foreigner teacher is silly and doesn't know the name of the place she lives (America according to them, but they were willing to let me say I lived in Taibei. Not Taipei) Who knew?

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