Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome to Our Home
The dining table.
The Kitchen
The Living Room
The View from the Living Room
Your Bedroom

Main Bathroom (AKA Eric's Bathroom) The shower is one of those spiffy, car wash-esque showers where you have a regular shower head, a rain shower head, and water nozzles spraying you from the side. My Room. This is where I sweat. My AC doesn't work yet. It will be fixed tomorrow (cross your fingers)

Notice the well placed light switch. (There is also one by the door)

A crappy picture of my bathroom...
I'm very excited about my toilet. Apparently, these toilets are super common in Japan. But anyway, it has a remote control. I can also heat the seat, change the water intensity and temperature for the bidet and torture my unsuspecting guests. This toilet is awesome.
The Apartment Facilities

1. Basketball Court

2. The Swimming Pool

3. Steam Room / Sauna4. KTV Room - Karaoke

5. Gym6. Cafe

7. View from the Top

Oh yeah, there is also a movie theater. So, there it is. Not too shabby, eh? Next order of business, um, when are you coming to visit?

Side note: Some of these were stolen from a professional.


otis said...


elodie said...

It is lovely darling. I cannot wait until May. This is just all so exciting. I love life goddamnit!

Alliya said...

Otis: Holy crap is right. I won't be able to return to the poor standard of living in the US, ha!

Bissie: That's right, my dear. Look directly into the KTV room. It is calling you..."Bissie, Bissie, come sing off-key. You can swear into the microphone, and no obese women will sing Shania Twain songs to you..."

Elizabeth said...

Wow! That is pretty swanky. I can't wait till we come visit you. It looks so beautiful.