Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh, anonymity. Why?

I received an e-mail this morning from someone who is not a fan of my friend's blog. And not a fan, as in made an e-mail address and blog titled (name)is.ugly and (name)sucks respectively. This person posted pictures of her and called my friend, in essence, a big meanie head with, like, her, own opinions and shit, and how dare she share these opinions on her (her) blog. What a bitch.

My fatal flaw in this lifetime is expecting people to have some sense. If you don't like her blog, don't read her blog. Or even better, explain why you disagree her opinions without using words such as beatch, cunt, or spelling "can" with a k. Everyone walks away happy.

I think Penny Arcade summed up this dilemma, which happens on the Internets more often than it should, quite nicely.


otis said...

2+3 = Cats

Alliya said...

I really forgot to mention that this person was a feverish Ron Paul supporter. And when you apply Ron Paul to this equation, 2+3 does in fact equal cats.

ticknart said...

I learned from this person that I am a fag for making a joke. Nice guy.

Alliya said...

Yeah, I think we might need to substitute Ron Paul for normal human being in the PennyArcade equation.

heels said...

Only fags make jokes, ticknart! Didn't you know? Aren't you glad that you were so soundly schooled?

Anyone who can respectfully disagree with me is welcome to do so, but not anonymously. I wield my awesome power of DELETE FOREVER on my blog without compunction. Go be rude elsewhere.

Love you, Alli.
~The Opinionated Cunt