Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am back from Cebu, an island in the Philippines. It was a pretty amazing trip, and we got to do some pretty amazing things. Some on the morbid side of spectacular (cock fights and firing M-16s) and others on the more pleasant end of spectacular (snorkeling and island hopping).

Click the picture below to see more of the trip


Elizabeth said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

They made Otis and I want to go Phillippines. Looks like an amazing trip.

Alliya said...

Thanks! It's a great place to visit - It's beautiful, interesting and accessible, but it does have an ugly. There is extreme poverty, it can be dangerous and it is exceedingly corrupt. At our hotel, we were greated by bomb sniffing dogs, and we had to open our bags every time we entered the building. Despite all that, we had a really great time down there, so much so, we're contemplating moving there for a bit sometime in the future.

Elizabeth said...

I guess thats what makes visiting foreign countries such a learning experience. The beautiful and extraordinary are always served with a slice of reality.

I hope you do move there. Then we can visit! Would you come back to the states before you move there, or just go straight there after your contract is up?