Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's been about 2 months, but all I have are promises.

1. Pictures from the Modern Toilet. For those of you on Facebook, you probably have already seen them. But for those of you who are anti putting your business on the interwebs, I will post the link to the pics.

2. A Taiwan wrap up. I seriously sweat over this one. I still feel too connected to the experience, and too disconnected from my life in the US again to properly put it into a blog.

3. A new bloggity, blog, blog link about my not so Asian life.

Until then, much love and such.


ticknart said...

You're not going back to Skinny Legs?

Alliya said...

I was thinking of jumping ship to wordpress, but ve shell sea.

Alliya said...

Skinny Legs it is.