Saturday, August 16, 2008

Teaching messes with my self-esteem

Sometimes teaching is a lousy job. You have to be one solid individual to be an excellent teacher. You also have to have an infinite supply of creativity, energy, patience, and respect. And, according to Harold, the ability to yell at children and not have it ruin your day.

I am definitely, definitely not there yet.


Elizabeth said...

I had a student draw pictures of pigs on his test with the words "pig teacher" written all over it in Chinese. I couldn't even have the pleasure of failing him because he went to the evil rich school.

Teaching English is very draining. Don't let it get to you.

Alliya said...

Aren't children in masses and the shady business ethics in language schools just adorable?

elodie said...

Sorry my dearest. Hugs and kisses. Waite, hugs and kisses are not quite right for this situation. Scotch. Scotch and more Scotch. That should help.