Sunday, September 07, 2008

Life has become boring and entertaining all at once, but that probably is too long for a title for a blog


That's right, I'm talking to you. Where you been, eh? You don't write. You don't call (except Mom. Mom I need to call you back).

Phil has arrived and we've proceeded to being incredibly boring. You know, having conversations and generally enjoying each other's company. It's nice to have someone to point with and spend too much time ordering and looking for food.

and there was something here to wrap this blog up, but I deleted it. And there was an apology for deleting the nice blog wrap up, but I deleted that too.


Lynds said...

just like a couple years ago, i'm once again drowning in teenagers. mostly it's awesome...i'm really enjoying how willing they are to let me make them dress up in funny costumes. 15 year old boys dressed as queen elizabeth are pretty damn entertaining.

at the moment, i'm at the berkeley kaplan, watching some other punks take an SAT. i think i'm supposed to prevent cheating or something, but i figure, if they cheat well, then my numbers go i pretty much just act as a human stopwatch.

i'm glad you have phil there to point at things with you. i imagine he'd be good at that.


Alliya said...

I sincerely hope you are sending pictures to their mothers for future embarrassment opportunities.

heels said...

Ahh... the boring/entertaining, comfortable life. May it last forever.

Rey-Philip said...

Some couples have their songs. Some have their movies.

Fuck that, we have Tao Lin.