Sunday, September 28, 2008


Another typhoon. The eastern version of a hurricane. I'll be honest, up until 2 weeks ago I thought a typhoon was just a baby hurricane. It's not. I also had warped the meaning of the word mercenary. My mental image was putting a little too much faith in the "mercy" sounding quality of the word. I was thinking more like Bono than Blackwater. Phil got a pretty good laugh out of that one. But mercy gaffe aside, it is amazing how quickly I have become desensitized to 90 mph winds. But I suppose, it's not like I am trying to forge my way through the madness outside. Nope, I'm inside, on the 7th floor of a new building, making egg sandwiches with my boyfriend, obsessively watching Heroes, season 1. (Done, le pout. Can't wait for season 2. Yes, I've been informed it sucks, but the addiction needs to be fed, people. The addiction needs to be fed)


Jason said...

Wait, so after living on 42nd Ave., you weren't already used to 90mph winds?

Alliya said...

This time the 90 mph winds are not blowing through every door and window, so it's a much warmer experience, haha

checkmate_megs said...

I asked Dad whether your Dad mentioned anything about typhoons. Egg Sandwiches are the best ways to cope with severe weather!

Addictions do need to be fed lol bad things happen when they are not!