Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Someone did a google search for "Japanese bite penis" and got sent to my blog. hahaha

I'm in a bit of a funk because the school I work for, Kojen, is fucking with me. They took about a third of my pay check for breaking my contract, but failed to tell me that they were going to do this. They have a very liberal (not based on any sort of system) interpretation of the money I actually "owe" them. Another friend of mine who works for Kojen had her whole check withheld and then Kojen asked her to pay an extra $100 NT. She had to pay because Kojen was failing to give her enough hours. The whole thing is a bit ridiculous.

Kojen is notorious for messing with teachers who leave before their one year contract is up. They like to cancel work visas early or mark your visa as missionary (try traveling with a missionary stamp, ha!) and forget to pay your salary. I don't like it. And I don't like it mostly because it will take time to get them to unfuck with me, and let's face it, there's a million other things I rather do. Damn the Asian man.


Elizabeth said...

I broke my contract because the evil boss wasn't going to pay for my plane ticket or give me a severance bonus like the other teachers. It was a bad choice. I thought it would make my point clear, instead I made it harder for myself. An Asian boss does not want to lose face and will fuck teachers over extensively to keep from giving in. You have to approach the situation in a very apologetic and flattering manner. It might make your stomach hurt, but you will get what you want.

Alliya said...

Yes, probably sound advice, especially for those working in China. This is more like a company issue than a boss issue. Luckily, Taiwan has a lot of labor laws that protect foreign workers, especially teachers, so I have a mediator to work with who actually has some clout.

elodie said...

so sorry love to read this. but do enjoy your toilet dinner and fill us in after you go.