Thursday, March 12, 2009

Economic Crisis

For everyone, who is not my brother, and is feeling a little lost about what is happening in with our economy and the options available to us to fix it, This American Life, has been doing a series of really informative (and simple! and clear!) shows on the economic crisis.

There are 3 shows so far, the latest of which, "Bad Banks", was actually the one I listened to first. After listening, I think I am actually prepared to have an intelligent, although limited, conversation on the subject. Not that I am demonstrating this at all in this blog. But go listen, be informed, so you don't sound like an asshole when talking about the economy like your local representative.


otis said...

Those are excellant. I'd give each of them an 'A', except for the one discussing fiscal stimulus (Part 2 of "The New Boss"), which gets a C+.

If I were teaching Macro or finance, those would be required listening.

Jason said...

The guys also do a 3x per week podcast (linked to on that page) called Planet Money which takes more bite-sized chunks (about 20min each).

If you're a visual learner, American Public Media also does The Whiteboard which does short videos on financial topics. As a bonus, each video ends with that topic being a reason to go get your drink on!